Friday, July 3, 2015

Site Update: New Layout and Specialist Games Resources

Just a really quick update about the site!
I spent a good while last night neck deep in the HTML code adjusting the layout of Sepulchre to make it a little bit more navigable (or at least I think so).

You'll notice I added an extra column to the right, and overall widened the columns.

I tried to keep all the social stuff on the Right and the Blog Stuff on the left, though a few blog things are to the left, including all the tags and a rapid access to all posts blood angels (just click the dreadnought)

As well, I added alot of blog networks. Check them out to find other great resources!

Additionally there is now a Pinterest Widget. If you are on there, give my boards a follow. I have over 3200 pins related to Wargaming, with a majority of them being 40K!

I freshened up the logos some, though no matter how Hi-res I seem to make the header, blogger makes it lower res.

And last of all, I added a ton of resources to the Fanatic Portal. Just click the tab at the top of the page.
These included alot of stuff for BFG, but also managed to get some
AND I added Gorkamorka!