Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Gaming on the Fury Road Part Two: First Car Completed

So a little bit ago I talked about starting some Mad Max style gaming. I haven't had a chance to make it to Mythic Santa Cruz yet for this, BUT I did get my first car done last night.

So it is really simple to do. You take a hotwheels car and drill out the rivets. Then customize to your contect. This first car is relatively simple, with just some plasticard bits for the super charger, an IG flamer pack for soem fuel tanks, SM missiles for some rockets, green stuff tarp and etched brass grating.

Work in progress shots. You can really see all the components. I also sanded it here just to give it a very abrasive quality.
Primed and then painted. The only paints used were Black, two shade of grey on one door and two shades of red on the other. Oh, and metallic for the charger and exhausts. The rest was then done with secret weapon mini weathering powders. This is really only my second time using them, and my first time using alot of them to a great extent. The first was just white oxide on my Stormcast Eternal Statue Terrain piece for 40k.

Here it is. Complete and with a coat of matte varnish on it to ensure the powder stays on for good.