Saturday, April 25, 2009

Power Unit: Howling Banshee Thunderstorm of Silence Load-Out

So this is double feature day. To kick off the new series I figured I’d feature 2 instead of 1 article.
This next unit is for Eldar Players. Basically it utilizes Jain Zar to her maximum potential, thus the Thunderstorm of Silence, rather than Storm of Silence
Here is the Load Out:
Howling Banshees (9)
Exarch, Mirrorswords
Jain Zar
Autarch, Mandi-blasters, Power Weapon, Fusion Gun
Wave Serpent, TL Scatter Lasers, Shiruken Cannon, Star Engines, Spirit Stones, (Vectored Engines if you want)

Costed out to 587 (607 with Vectored Engines)

So here is how the squad works:
This squad is designed to eat through terminators. You should be able to kill the squad before they get to attack. But it is really good at killing anything. A tactical squad a turn should fall to this as long as you utilize the wave serpent and cover.

In the Shooting Phase, use the Fusion Gun and the Silent Death. S8 AP 1 and S5 AP 2 (assault 3). The Wave serpent may seem counter to this, but it is to thin out large hordes of low armour guys, lending volume shooting to the highly effective assault squad. If you need to though, Fleet then assault. This squad is designed for the assault, not shooting.

Jain Zar gives the squad fearless and Counter-Attack, and in turn, the Autarch receives these bonuses. As well war shout can force the opponents squad to be WS 1 for the phase, which would be absolutely devastating given what is about to happen.

The banshee masks can give the squad I 10. The mandi-blasters I figured were better though, as I6 on the Autarch is already really high and chances are that the combat will already be in the squad’s favour.

Now in the first assault phase (assuming you assaulted) the autarch does not get +1 A for 2 CCW, as he should have shot his fusion gun, but he does get the +1 A in subsequent assault phases since he gets to keep his shiruken pistol (you do not replace it when you buy the power sword). But I’d rather get the S8 AP1 melta gun attack then +1 more attack to begin with.
Here are all the Autarch’s combat possibilities:
-When you assault- 3+1+1
-When you are assaulted and get counter attack- 3+1+1+1
-When you are assaulted and do not- 3+1+1
-Any subsequent round- 3+1+1
So he always gets 5 S3 WS6 I6 power weapon attacks, maybe even 6. And they may be against WS 1. To boot he has 3+/4+ saves. The melta-gun and haywire grenades he provides can also be of use.

Jain Zar now as you know is sweet. She gets 5WS7, S7 (S4 +2 +1), I10 power weapon attacks on the charge. This is the most brutal of all the phoenix lords. Especially since your opponent may be WS1. She has a 2+ save and is invulnerable to instant death as well, which means 3 T4 wounds should be around for a while, inflicting damage long after her squad of 4+ save banshees dies.

The exarch is just further support. The mirror swords give her 5 power weapon attacks on the charge or during a counter attack, 4 at all other times. She is WS5 and I6 base, which is good, but the banshee mask and Jain Zar boost this often times.

The rest of the squad is combined a total of 27 power weapon attacks on the charge/counter attack and are base WS4 I5 which can be aided by Jain Zar’s powers. When they don’t get the bonus, it is still an impressive 18 power weapon attacks.

SO on the charge the unit looks like this:
37 I10 Power Weapon attacks (5 S7 WS7, 5 WS5, 27 WS4)
5 I6 Power Weapon attacks