Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mega Battle: Photos from the Front

Defenders are deployed.

Right before Turn One.

A view of the walls. Paper was used so segments could be torn out, allowing us to actually destroy the wall when needed.

Kharne the Betrayer...er faces hordes of assault marines, but lasts through two assault phases before being dispatched by a Dark Angel Power Fist.

The Roughriders arrive to attempt and turn the battle for the first objective, assaulting the Chaos Space Marines in amongst the Imperial Guard. Even with initial sucesses, their momentum could not be maintained.

Kharne dispatches the last of the roughriders, slaying each with a "decapitating" blow.

The Daemon Prince makes his fatefull assualt, that see's himself chased back to the Warp without doing any harm on the Imperials. Go 10th Squad Devs!

The Necrons advance around Razorwire, and even dare attempt the minefield.