Friday, April 3, 2009

Book Review: Damnation Crusade

So I picked this up and read it the other day. A 40k Graphic Novel from Boom Studios.

I figured anything associated with Dan Abnett would be decent.

Overall I appreciated the read. Quick and visually impressive. Certain chapters are done by different artists, one of whom was better in my opinion. Less cartoony, more gothic. Better fits 40k.

The book follows three Black Templar heros, a Neophyte named Radclaw, a Sword Bretheren named Gerhardt, and a dreadnought named Tankred. It jumps from campaign to campaign, detailing the levels of zealotry and piety that the Black Templars posses. Some fluff details are a little off, like a Dread taking 3 dead on hits from a broadside (I wish it could in game). But there aren't too many, and they are spawned more for artistic awesomeness than just to disprove fluff. It covers almost every enemy there is (excluding only Dark Eldar I believe, and generalizing Chaos). So there is something for everyone. Of course though, it sees the Templars triumph each time, so if you are looking for some sweet Xenos victory, look else where.

At a price of $15 USD I wouldn't reccommend buying it unless you are into comics/anime/graphic novels. But, it is definately worth killing a half an hour to an hour at your local border/B&N sitting down and reading it. Most of these places have a cafe as well, so you can buy a cofee or cookie or something to go with it.

So 3 out of 5 aquillas. Short, pointless in the grand scheme of 40k, but rather entertaining. Maybe it can give you some inspiration for painting or converting. Just fun to look at. So go down to your bookstore/library, pick up Tales of Heresy, Gunheads, or Hellforged (or if you are into Halo, the Cole Protocol was pretty good), and while you are there, give Damnation Crusade a look.

Final Verdict: 3 out of 5 aquillas