Thursday, April 9, 2009

Guard Price increase

So looking on the site, the Guard are getting what is essentially a price increase on normal guard squads.

Instead of the $35 for 20, they now are doing it as $22 for 10 ($7 increase). AND if you read the description of the unit, it is the same sprue. Nothing new. No heavy weapons, no melta/plasma guns to justify the proce increase.

"This box set contains 10 multi-part plastic Cadian Shock Troops, and includes: five leg variants, seven head variants, 10 lasguns, two chainswords, two laspistols, two grenade launchers, two flamers and two Vox-casters. Also included are a host of additional components allowing you to assemble a Sergeant and personalise your squad. Models supplied with 25mm round bases."

That describes the exact same sprue.

This is only on Cadians though. SO if you are thinking of starting Guard, consider playing Catachans.

Here is the new setup: 10 man squad (note how it says out of stock)

Here is the old $35 one: 20 man squad (note how it says no longer avaliable)

This seems to be a trend with the New Guard. First they raised the price on the Valkyrie, but that wasn't too bad. Then the battleforces became way overpriced for what you get (an equivalent cost SM battle force would decimate the Guard battleforce: 5 Assault Marines, 15 Tactical, 5 Scouts and a Rhino for $90) and especially compared to what it used to be (3 heavy weapons, Leman Russ, 20 Guard and some ruins).