Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Two Blood Angels Conversions: Librarian and Lt. Commander

Here is the Librarian I use a bunch. This is my favourite Librarian model and one of my favourite GW models. In 4th ed. I liked him alot as an HQ choice. I need to spruce him up paint wise to my new standards, especially the chest eagle, but he is really what got me going in the right painting direction.

The wings are from a Brettonian Pegasus. To attach them I just cut the vents of an SM backpack and used some green stuff. Simple conversion, dramatic effect. The wings are blue to represent how they are the psychic power "The Wings of Sanguinius."

This is one of Master's of the Chapter. He will be representing a Lt. Commander of the Blood Angels rather than a company captain, which is why I gave him one plain shoulder pad.

He is a Blood Angels Death Company Model. His Shoulder pad is a metal BA logo avaliable online or in the DC kit I believe. The Lightning claws are actually terminator lightning claws. I cut them off at the base of the fist and then hollow out the "sleeve". Then I take SM assault marine arms (the chainsword and bolt pistol sets). You cut off the hand and then shape the arm down to fit in the sleeve, using a little green stuff to fill any gap and help seal the join. Also, I cut the plastic cables connecting the claw to the upper arm of the Terminator arm off the fist and used a pin vice to dill a small hole into the housing where the cables had plugged in. I then took some guitar string and ran cables to his back. I added 2 scroll containers to his belt just for some extra detail.

Missing from the photo to make painting easy is the CSM Raptor Jump pack he will be equipped with.