Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mega Battle Guard Review

So the new Guard was used for the mega-battle.

List- (only weapon upgrades mentioned)
Creed, Kell, Deddog in Command Squad: Melta Gun
Commissar Lord (attached to combined Infantry squad)
Commissar Lord (attached to Ogryn Squad)
Tech Priest Enginseer w/ HB servitor
Ogryn Squad (5)
Stormtrooper Squad: GL, Flamer, Plasma Pistol, Power Weapon
Infantry Platoon
-Platoon Command Squad: Lascannon, Power Weapon, Plasma Pistol
-Infantry Squad: GL and ML
-Infantry Squad: GL and ML
-Special Weapons Squad: 3 x Sniper Rifles
Infantry Platoon
-Platoon Command Squad: Lascannon, Power Weapon, Plasma Pistol
-Infantry Squad: Flamer and Autocannon
-Infantry Squad: Flamer and Autocannon
-Veteran Squad w/ Bastonne: GL and HB
4 x Leman Russ
-Pask on one
-Sponson HB x 3, Plasma Cannon x 1
-Hull Lascannon x 3, HB x 1

I did 2 squads of DKK Deathriders as well. Better than normal Rough riders, as they have a 6+ invulnerable save and can have Laspistol, CCW, AND the lance.

All in all, the list worked pretty well. The Leman Russ are of course superior than before. And the Orders are very nice, especially with Creed issuing 4 a turn. When on the defence in a scenario like this, they were golden, and everyone was in his command radius.

We combined one of the infantry platoon's squads, since he was facing a Khorne army, we wanted to make the assaults get bogged down rather than take only one turn. 20 guard and a Commissar Lord CAN beat a squad of Khorne Beserkers. I know because these guys did. We chose the Autocannon/Flamer squads so the ML and GL ones could target armour independently if need be. The Commissar Lord was definitely key in this sucess though, having the unit hold with his leadership of 10.

Bastonne is a nice upgrade, but if you take Creed I almost wouldn't bother. We had more orders per turn to issue than squads to receive them it seemed. Although, if you put Bastonne with a squad in a chimera, and give them say... 3 melta guns, you can go hunting and have orders right there handy, plus the squad will always regroup with his Never give up rule.

Stormtroopers are ALWAYS worth it now. AP3 weapons. Take them. Depending on your interpretation of the rules First Rank FIRE Second Rank FIRE may be extremely useful (it says lasguns and they use Hot Shot Lasguns, so how literal are you? Expect to see that in an FAQ). Bring it down can be usefull if you have 2 metal guns or plasma guns. And their Special Operations rule make them rather flexible and you no longer have to pay to infiltrate or deep strike and they are better at it!