Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hounds of Hell: An IG Unit Review

So with the new Guard codex a lot of people are taking the new Hellhound. I find myself wondering "why?" Not because I don't like it, don't get me wrong, but why take the Hellhound when their is a perfectly good Banewolf in the same entry.

These tanks are the same point costs, so no advantage there.

The Hellhound does have 12" range, yes, but check this. All 3 variants are fast vehicles. So that means while going up to 12" they can fire a single offensive weapon and all defensive. This means for a hellhound, only the turret weapon and any stubber or storm bolter, the hull mount can't fire, unless going a stately 6 inches. BUT THE BANEWOLF has a S1 weapon. That means you can move and shoot the hull mounted weapon and fire what is the real main weapon of the vehicle, the chem cannon, plus any other defensive weapons. Meanwhile the Devil Dog, while named after the USMC (ooh-rah!), is nigh worthless since you can take a multi-melta on the hull of the other variants. Sure you get a blast with the melta-cannon, but that scatters! Why risk scattering when I just need a 4+ to hit with a hull mount.

Lets look at the Chem Cannon: AP3 poison (wounds on a 2+). Range is only the template BUT it is a fast vehicle, so moving into range shouldn't be a problem. So this thing KILLS Space Marine, Battlesuits, Nid Warriors. ANYTHING with a 3+ save. Plus, firing the hull mount further devastates. 2 template weapons (or whatever your hull mount is actually). Bye-Bye cover saves.

Did I mention the Chemcannon wounds on a 2+!!!


So there we go. Why take the hellhound. It has 1 less AP and can't always wound as effectively, especially against marines. The Chem Cannon is a must take in my own humble opinion.

Although this does look cooler