Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mega Battle Scenario

Defender/Attacker Ratio:
Still not exactly sure. My side was down 6k and it was okay. What hurt was a lack of Ordnance, Super-heavies and Formations as compared to the opposing side.

The Defenders start with a fortress in the shape of a U (See pictures). The long walls are 48” with 6” doors. The angled walls are 18” with 4” doors. The short walls at the “top” of the U are 12” (giving the fortress a depth of 12”) with 3” infantry only doors.
There are 6 objectives, 4 in the fortress, two outside, but still in the defender’s deployment zone. To capture the objectives, any offensive infantry/jump infantry/cavalry that deployed on a table edge (so no deepstriking units) must be in contact with the objective at the end of their player turn. The objective then “explodes” as if it were a vehicle. This represents the enemy “bombing” key buildings. Once an objective is detonated, it may not be retaken by the defenders.

The walls give a 5+ cover save on the parapets. Each segment is 7” (48-6 = 42, 42/6 = 7). Wall segments are AV 14 and have 2 structure points. When a segment loses its first structure point, the cover save is negated on that segment. When it loses its second, anything on the parapet must “disembark” that segment and pass a dangerous terrain test. There then is a 7” gap in the wall. Penetrating hits remove a structure point on a 3+, glancing hits on a 5+.

Doors are as follows:
6” – AV 13
4” – AV 12
3” – AV 11
3+/5+ destroy the doors, each is 1 structure point.

Doors may be opened/closed at the beginning of the movement phase only. May only open/close a door once per game turn.

Victory Conditions:
Defenders hold 4+ objectives- Victory
Attackers take 4+ objectives- Victory
Defenders hold/Attackers take 3 objectives- Tie Breaker

If opposing is below ½ starting Kill points, receive 1 point. If opposing side is below ¼ starting kill points, receive 2 points. Side with more points wins. If still tied, then game is a tie.

Each player rolls a d20. Go in order from highest to lowest. Each player deploys 2 pieces of terrain. Tied d20 rolls are rolled off to determine who goes before the other. Terrain may not be deployed inside the fortress.

Defenders deplow first. Attackers second. May use full 30 minutes each. We also set the condition that no unit may deploy 8 ft from another in the army, to make the battle run smoothly without players running all around the table during the game.

First Turn:
Defenders go first.

Strategic Reserves:
The attackers follow normal strategic reserves rules.
The Defenders may each only hold ¼ of their forces in reserves (not cumulative for the whole force)

Formations/Legendary units:
All allowed, including FW and Reload

Game Length:
We tried for 6, but only got in 5.

Each side receives one for each player on the largest team (Our game was 6 v 5, so both sides received 6, plus any from formations).

The following assets are not allowed:
- Vital Objective
- Jammers
- Anti-Plant Barrage
- All Reload Assets (except ork rok attack)
- My club also banned any form of bombardment, but this need not be done.

The following assets are modified as follows:
-Ambush, when used by defenders, may not be used against enemy units flank marching
-Obstacles may not be placed in front of any doors
-Flank March, when used by the attackers, may not bring them within the fortress walls
-Tunnels may not be put inside the Fortress or in the Attackers Deployment zone.
-Bunkers may not be put in front of doors.

Other Rules:
Necron Wraiths may not score objectives. Moving through walls is cheap, and how can you carry a bomb when you phase in and out.
Monoliths and Super Heavies may not deepstrike into the fortress. That is too cheap.

Coverage of the game tomorrow. I am still waiting on some players highlights of the game and need to narrow down which pictures to use. But it will be up, I promise!