Sunday, January 23, 2011

Introductions, and Some Pictures for Your Time

Hello everyone, I'm Schlemazal, one of the three new guest posters here at Sepulchre. Gothmog asked each of us to make an introductory post before the month is out, so you should be hearing from my compatriots Discordian and Mesdoram in the next few days.

As this is my introductory post, a bit about myself is in order. I
'm a hobby veteran of 8 years now, and I mostly play 40k, with my main army being the Dark Angels. I also play Warhammer Fantasy (Dwarves), and I dabble in a number of other systems, from Battlefleet Gothic (Eldar) to Warmachine (Mercenaries). I consider myself a competent player and painter, and as Gothmog mentioned, I was the one who made ther Kharn the Betrayer conversion he featured here a while ago, though I'd like to think I've improved since then. I will probably be writing primarily about painting here, or anything else you folks want me to write about. I'm no master painter, but I'll do my best to share anything I work on over the next several months.

I think that's plenty of introduction, so to leave you with some
actual content, here are pictures of some of my more recent work, starting with a few Dark Angels:

Dark Angels 4th Company Veterans

Dark Angels 4th Company Librarian

The rest of what I have here for you today comes from my Mercenaries Warmachine army:

Orin Midwinter and Kell Bailoch

Renegade Light Warjack

Steelhead Cavalry

Magnus the Traitor

Well that's it for today. I hope you're interested in seeing more as I can find time to paint. I'll try to take more WIP pictures, but I'm just getting back into painting after a long break, and I don't have any active projects at the moment. Questions, comments, suggestions and criticism are all appreciated (though the first three are preferable), especially if that involves what you want me to write about here in the future.