Friday, January 7, 2011

Imperial Guard Company for sale: 80+ Models, $55, less than 10 hours remaining


Do you need a large expansion to your Imperial Guard army? Well check out my ebay auction to fund my Genswick project.
What is for grabs? Well 5 Infantry Squads w/ heavy and special weapons. One of these squads is Steel Legion, which on its own is $35 from GW. As well, there is a special weapons squad of sniper rifles, 4 command squads, 2 Sentinels (w/ broken legs), and 1 Chimera. Then there are several characters- 2 commissars, 1 Enginseer, 1 extra steel legion officer and 4 Stormtroopers. There is some bitz swapping and simple conversion work in there. Around 20 models are painted. A few more are half painted. BUT if you don't care about paint jobs or are just starting this isn't an issue and can even give you a colour scheme to use in the future.
So please please PLEASE! Someone make a bid.