Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hello All! Mesdoram Here! And some pics for your time (Nurgle)

Hello all! Mesdoram here. I didn't want to post anything before I had some decent pictures of a few models. I got a new, mediocre camera and jerry rigged a light box -- it worked out okay.

I started 40k about two years ago with a Death Guard themed army. The army, in three aspects, consists of Daemon Princes, Plague Marines, and Obliterators. While still decent, I've become more disheartened with its performance with every new codex. I branched out into Daemons for fun, and have enjoyed a random amount of success with them. My current pet project is a Forge World renegade IG army, but it's still quite early in its inception. In a nutshell: I like chaos.

My plan with this blog is to post sporadic modeling and painting updates. Without further ado--a few pictures.

Icon Bearer

Plague Champion

Daemon Prince #1

Daemon Prince #2