Wednesday, January 5, 2011

First Genswick Conversions

First off, before getting to the Genswick, let me put in a plug for my ebay auction of a Cadian Imperial Guard Company. These guys are going to help fund more of what you see below.

Here are the first of my Genswick Imperial Guard. I apologize for the poor photography, but I was in a rush and had poor lighting at the time. As well, I have not received their bases yet, but I didn't want to wait to share them with you, so I present them unbased.
The use Brettonian Men-at-Arms bodies and heads. The weapons are standard cadian lasguns, cut to fit. To do so, the stock of the lasgun is removed as well, but the Dave Taylor originals suffered from this too, so I think it more to their virtually non-existent fluff that they have a pattern of lasgun without a stock, or maybe just attachable/extendable ones.
The Plasma Gun is a SM one attached to a Tau Firewarrior backpack for a power pack. I used Guitar wire for the power feed.
The Sarge has a Brettonian Men-at-Arms pike for his CCW and a necromunda Enforcer laspistol.

These guys aren't entirely finished, as I have yet to add some backpacks/rucksacks, sleeping rolls, etc. etc. BUT you get the picture (literally).

Now to just get some more bitz and goodies to keep working at these guys. I really want to get to my Engineers/Veterans because I think what I have in mind for them is particularly cool.