Friday, January 21, 2011

Deploying to Japan and Site Changes: Three Amigos

Well folks, big news: I am heading out of the country for some time. For those of you who don't know me, I recently commissioned as an officer in the US Navy. As such I am going to my first duty station soon: USS Essex in Sasebo Japan.

This does not mean the end of Sepulchre of Heroes. Far from it. I plan to do this as long as I am in the hobby. I know I times I am inconsistent, but I enjoy this too much to give up.

What this does mean however is that there will be periods of time that the ship is underway and I will be unable to post, let alone participate in the hobby. As such, I have enlisted some help to keep this site running with content and ideally expand the content presented. So whenever I am away, these guys will be running the show. And even when I am still around they will be contributing to it.

Let me just give a brief introduction of these fine fellows:
Discordian- 99% likely to be the ranter out of the bunch. This guy can make Tau competitive and can hit hard with his Eldar, lead by Eldrad's cousin: Steve. He is a master of the rules and knows your army better than you do. His only pitfalls are his inability to resist getting new armies and always finding the worst units to be the most appealing (yay Hormaguants). He also dabbles in Grey Knights, so look to him for thoughts on the upcoming release.
Schlemazal- A Veteran Dark Angels (praise be the FAQs) player, as well a a dabbler in the dark arts of the Dark Eldar (before the new release). Outside of 40k, he plays Dwarves in WHFB, Humans in BB, Eldar in BFG and Tau in AE. Schlemazal is a good painter who was featured in the BoLS Warjack/Warbeast Challenge, and was featured in the From the Warp Tuesday Top 10 on this site for his True Scale Kharn the Betrayer, though he self admits that his work has vastly improved since that time. This guys painting skills have always challenged me to be a better painter and try new techniques.
Mesdoram- Devout of Nurgle. Really likes to build lists, in English and German. He has dabbled with Orks and has a steady Chaos Daemons army and is currently working on renegade Guardsmen (that were initially never supposed to be, but he eventually heard Chaos' call). Probably the most competitive in terms of builds and lists and a true sportsman if there ever was one.

Well, I hope you all look forward to reading the work of these scholarly gentlemen as much as I do.