Sunday, January 30, 2011

In the land of the rising sun

So I made it to Japan. Just thought I'd let you all know.
I want to thank my friends Mesdoram, Schlemazal and Discordian for introducing themselves. I hope you all enjoy them in the months to come.

As for my, I am not going to have access to hobby supplies for sometime. When I do I will return to working on my Blood Angels and Genswick, and maybe even Khador and Brettonians.
In the meantime, if and when I get to post it will be on the one thing I do have access too: Books. I recently finished God-King, the last book in Sigmar's time of Legend novels. Good story, though not an conslusive as I hoped it to be and not quite based off the previous two books except for the fact it had the same characters. But, maybe if I knew more of the back story of WHFB before hand it would have been more satisfying.

ANYWAYS I am now reading the Novel Redemption Corps by Rob Sanders. So far so good, and I look forward to doing a review on it.

In the meantime I must go contend with Godzilla.