Sunday, January 23, 2011

So Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Hello internet, my name is Discordian. Along with my fellow guest bloggers Mesdoram and Schlemazal, we will be posting here and there to add to our friends site while he’s overseas dealing with the Navy and Japanese people.

My prayers go out to him it’s pretty freaking weird over there

I’ve always been interested in tactics and war games. I was actually a member of my schools chess team, for a time I was one of those guys you see in those pictures sitting with a bunch of other nerds all playing separate chess games against one grand master.

Like this, just with more white people

It wasn’t until I met Gothmog and all my College pals a few years ago I was tricked into the glory of all things 40K. I was introduced to the hobby on the tail end of 4th, right as it was switching to 5th. My first times playing was through borrowing my friends Schlemazal’s Tau army. Say what you will about the Tau they are a great army to learn with.

Eventually I got a bunch of used Eldar models at a bizarre and fell in love with them as well. I think it’s because like the Tau they are a finesse army where if nothing goes unsupported everything crumbles, sort of like in chess. It might also be the appeal of giant robots and angry ass chicks with swords.

Phew Phew

So Angry

I dabbled in Tyranids for a while before they got the update and a little after it. But after a few games I didn’t feel like playing a horde army anymore so I eventually traded them for more tau and eldar stuff.

This is why you never leave your food out at a picnic

Unfortunately the whole two army thing failed when one of my friends I went with to gamesday wanted to get a forge world Greater Slaanesh Daemon. He had no money so he turned to me and asked if I wanted a brand new (formally his grey knights army). And yet again the barter system screwed me over again and now I have three armies in various stages of completion. I am looking forward though to the new Grey Knights codex that will make half of my stuff probably useless (It will make me feel better that half of it is still unpainted).

Also play Fantasy using a Vampire counts army. And in Warmachine I have a small group of Retribution. And I'll add more on those two later.

I definitely have a taste for modeling and converting, and I'm constantly trying to improve my painting skills (I do try, It's just not really my thing). And when I get around to it I will make future post spotlighting my various armies with pictures and probably end up blogging more about what I think about them and how they interact in their respective game systems.