Thursday, August 12, 2010

Kharn the Betrayer True Scale Conversion

This is a conversion that a good friend of mine did a while back.

This is the only photo I have unfortunately as I think I took it before I was blogging.
Anyway, first thing to point out is that it is actually broken. There is supposed to be one more chain with a skull on it. That aside, I think you get the picture. The creator admits that he thinks he can do a better job today, but overall this is still a good true scale conversion.
It uses mostly just plastic chaos space marine bits. Both the shinguards are actually right legs. I will say the missing skull chain is kinda advantageous right now so you can see the leg that was used. The exposed arm is a catachan guardsmen arm. The axe is actually 2 chain axe's put together. We couldn't let Gorechild be lame now could we? The head is the actual Kharn head and is the only metal part on the marine.
The base is really what makes the model (and further raises it to be around as tall as a dreadnought). Just a whole heap-o-skulls.

There got a second picture (now the first one). Cool thing is those Beserkers behind him are my conversion work for a friend.

Unrelated news: I may be doing some work on the template today, so if weird stuff happens, I apologize.