Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Migrating Podcast and opportunity!

If you are a fan of Allies of Inconvenience (you should be), we are moving from Podomatic to Libsyn. This will allow us to better bring you episodes in the future and indefinitely store them.

Libsyn Page (formatting in progress)
Libsyn RSS feed
iTunes subscribe page

The only catch is that it is a paid for instead of free service. Now I told myself long long ago I was never going to do Advertising on the blog. Just not what I am doing this for and I do not feel the need or desire to clutter the page.

However, the podcast is something above and beyond what I ever thought I would do with Sepulchre, and as such, I am willing to make a compromise there.

I am willing to open up one advertising spot per episode of Allies of Inconvenience. If you have a hobby related product, store, shop, etc. etc. and wish to advertise with us, please contact me at
Actually the opposite of us
This spot will not be for profit for me or my fellow hosts at all (thus keeping in the spirit of what I started all of this for and what I told myself it would be). It is merely to cover the cost of hosting the podcast. This is just $15 a month on our current plan (which I cannot foresee us exceeding anytime in the near future.) As such, that is what the cost of the spot will be. No need for a cut of profit, a discount code, anything of that nature. You will get that spot for that month, whether we do one or more episodes.

If that is too steep for you, still feel free to reach out and a possible arrangement can be made as you would still be helping cover the cost of hosting.