Saturday, April 1, 2017

Adepticon in Adepticon: Our Team Tournament Display Board

First, I want to say that I stole many of these photos from around the web. There are many better photographers out there than I. Particular shout out to Greggles Tabletop for his top knotch coverage of not just our board, but EVERYTHING Adepticon. Check him out for sure.

So our board this year was a massive step up from last year, and we were (not to brag) easily the fan favourite. This was also only our second year there and we already have made it to the Armies on Parade and were one of only 8 teams (out of 116) to score MAX theme on our board. We were super stoked and super pleased with the results.
The theme here is "Inquisicon"- Four Inquisition armies that were given orders to hold a series of "Wargames" but completely misunderstood the point and essentially held their own version of Adepticon. From that I think the rest is self explanatory and I will let the photos do their job.
So the mini-miniatures were made by Pico Armor using their wide range of 3mm minis. We crossed all sorts of time periods for the effects needed (WWI to Sci-Fi and everything in between). The space tables though are done with BFG fighters printed from Shapeways. Every table has an actual scaled game mat from an actual vendor on the table. All the "big" models are wearing a hand made name tag. The vendor tables all have appropriate goods, and the BL and FW tables even have the actual covers of their actual books on them. We had an argument in the parking lot set up where the Land Raider is attempting to push a rhino out of the way (since it had dozerblades). Even the Red Hunters bikes have Adepticon banners on their banner poles. Really tried to make it feel like a convention in miniature. And I think we accomplished said goal.