Tuesday, April 4, 2017

5 Things Forge World Should Update.... Please if you have time....

Forge World makes cool models. That’s their thing. A lot of times though, those really cool models end up being really really cool paper weights.

It often feels like FWs releases are one edition behind. Bonus out of date points if it directly refers to a core codex. I’m looking at you Codex: Eldar, Codex: Craftworld, Codex: Eldar Craftworlds, and soon to be Codex: Aeldari.

They usually do a good job with FAQ’s/Erratas and they have been doing 2nd Edition versions, but sometimes certain whole army lists float in limbo. 

This is a list of worst offenders I could think of.

1.       Imperial Armour 12 – The Fall of Orpheus

So, because IA 12 exists there are two versions of Reanimation Protocols. Also, there are references to the Codex for things that were completely changed or in some cases no longer exist. ITC flat out bans the Dark Harvest army list in its tournament circuit mostly because of this.

FW could release a FAQ/Errata telling which sections to ignore or append. But as it stands it is a good candidate for a 2nd edition version. Unfortunately, there has been zero word on either happening.

2.       Grey Knights and Inquisition

GK and Inq have a several issues, most of which happened because FW didn’t get the memo that Inq was being completely ripped out of GK after 5th edition. They did errata the stuff in IA2 to change some things, but some things are still weird and things like Lok and Rex are still GK HQ options via other books. The latter guy hilariously melts his own mind because of his forced Santic powers. Oh, and good luck looking up what True Silver armour is and how to cast Psychic powers in the movement phase.

Lots of the above exist in “updated” IA Second edition books, so I doubt we’ll see a reprint any time soon. So FAQ?


So Orks have a lot of cool models through FW. And the only time I hear about FW Orks is when some guy tells me he’s bringing this special guys cheap stompa.

This stuff has been updated via FAQ/ERRATA, but every direct FW link I’ve found is dead. So I would just start with re-posting that and move one from there

4.       FAQ/Errata

For a while in 7th edition, all the 6th edition FAQ/ERRATAs were still posted and in some cases still required. They have been mostly cleaned now, but I’m just going to point out all the Badab stuff still says for use in 6th edition.

       Dark Eldar Raven Strike fighter

The model is no longer available but the rules are still “usable” and they added death from the sky profile stats via download.

I say “Usable” because……. You know what its better if you read it for yourself, so if you want a really good laugh I encourage you to look up this thing in Imperial Armour – Aeronautica. Real good laugh.

I don’t want to bash FW, I really like everything they do. I just hate to see their beautiful things both figuratively and literally un-usable.

And who knows maybe the stupid above list will be completely irrelevant with 8th edition (it’s a secret).