Saturday, April 8, 2017

5 things I’d like in 8th Edition to change (1 of 4): USRs

So originally I was going to do a quick list of things I hoped would change in 8th edition. That did not happen. Instead I went on a rampage of words. I do not apologize.

But be warned if heavy wish-listing and lots of words aren't your thing, please don't proceed.

Enter at your own risk.......

1. USR needs cleaning up

There are way too many and it’s adding to the bloat more than it should.
  • I’m going to start with Zealot as a great example, because it exists. Literally if you Ctrl-X the rules for Fearless and Hatred, then Ctrl-V them under the word Zealot you get Zealot. All it does is save you the effort of writing Fearless and Hatred on a unit entry. I think we can live with some units getting two words instead of one or make Zealot actually different.
  • Poison and Fleshbane are little more complicated. They have the same core concept but have slight differences. Poison right now lets you to-wound better and re-roll to wound if your Str is high enough; fleshbane works on Gargantuan things. Instead why not make them both “Maybe something named other than Poison(X+)” and remove the re-roll to wound part. Outside that change, make Unstoppable rule to read “attacks that wound on set values outside Str, have -2 modifiers added to it to a min of 6”. General poison weapons get nerfed a little bit, but better poisons end up getting to matter against scary stuff. Fleshbane gets dinged a little more, but your str can kick in and you get the chance to toggle the degree of it.
  • Additionally, sniper could be just removed and added to the above USR group. You’d have to add a Str, Rending, and Precision to the weapon profiles instead. But now you can have better snipers and now 3 rules become one.
  • Precision Shots and Strikes can easily just be Precision(X).
  • Shrouded and stealth, can also be just Stealth(+X). Anything more than 3 better be a ghost or something though.
  • I feel like Blind, Concussion, and Strikedown can all be merged into one thing. Initiative test on hit and if failed Bs1, Ws1, and forced to move through difficult terrain. Add a number to it, which can be used to add negative modifiers for the test based on the attack and call it Concussion.
  • Bulky, Very Bulky, and Extremely Bulky. All just become Bulky (Number your fat ass takes up in a transport).
  • Oh, and while you’re at it make Ignores Cover have tiers of effectiveness, not just a flat out ignore. And merge night vision into this as a (darkness), and it ignores just the bonus given by nightfight. Change the name I guess since ignore would be misleading at this point.
  • This last one is just a pet peeve of mine. Remove the “If a unit contains at least one model” from Counter Attack, it literally means nothing if you keep reading it.

Part 2 coming soon..... (like in an hour)