Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Conversion Corner - Wraithlords, Wraithseer, Wraithblades, Wraithknights, and Wraith Revenants Oh My

So a few posts back I made a post about a Wraithlord I had made using AOS parts.

I realized later that making cool Wraith things is literally a sub hobby of mine at this point. And for your viewing pleasure, hopefully, here are a few of my creations.


I've decided these three Wraithlords are my next painting project. I'm going to get them all painted to the scheme of the one of the far left, and additionally do some touch ups after that. Never really liked how the sword turned out, maybe try some shading or see what happens when you put lightening on red.


This guy was one of my most favorite FW purchases. But I wanted to make him more dynamic, and I thought a swinging huge ass scythe is pretty freaking dynamic.

If your're curious, if you buy a Wraithseer you also get the full Wraithlord kit. Which is how I ended up with a spare sword laying around to do this.


Not much converting except the one obvious one, and not much even with that. But I did it because posing him like that made him the same size as an Avatar of Khaine. I wanted the option in case an all wraith army ever became a thing again.

Hilariously because of FW a all Eldar wraith army is a thing, but I don't have another 10 Wraithblades......... yet........


This is Sir Bubba Joe with his trusty double barreled D-Cannon.

And this is Sir DiesAlot, who is another of my future painting projects.

Fun fact Sir DiesAlot almost became a painting priority, because I made him a awesome spear. Unfortunately, I ripped his arm off and gave it to the next guy as a Broadswordish thing.

Wraith Revenant (WraithKing?):

First off your going to be like that's not a thing. To which I respond "Tough Titties, because I made this guy!".

I never liked the Revenant Cockpit. To me it always threw off the design aesthetic when you put a Revenant next to any of the newer Eldar. It actually kept me from buying one for awhile, but then one of my friends was downsizing his collection and I ended up getting a half built one at discount because it needed a lot of TLC. I don't get to play him much, and only once in competitive format. Which is why I have one of these.....

It is also why the Nova Triples Tournament has a statement in their rules now that says "All Revenants of any kind aren't allowed". Which is fair, because Revenants are Dicks. But my favorite part of that is that they literally specify "Any Kind", when there is only one kind. That's how thoroughly they didn't want to see them again.


Just kidding...... Well it depends on how far the pound drops.......

One last family picture