Saturday, October 3, 2015

13 Days left in the Samurai Warriors Kickstarter!!!

ONLY 13 days left to get in on the most amazing 28mm Samurai Models on the market. He has also show a few more of the new sculpts (seen in this post). I am telling you if you are big into samurai, historical wargaming, or just want an amazing hobby project with the highest quality of minis, Steel Fist Miniatures should be your first stop. Please back the kickstarter so that this range can grow as it deserves to.

I was extremely pleased with backing them on their first Samurai Lords kickstarter, which produced many of the Daimyo of the Battle of Sekigahara. These models are AMAZING In my opinion, and you can see my unboxing review of them here.

Steel Fist is dedicated to bringing the highest level of accuracy (I found them in the magazine Wargames: Soldiers and Startegy, rated with the HIGHEST accuracy of any Samurai models), highest level of detail, and truly the widest variety of options. Sure Perry and Wargames factory may have most of your army covered, but the research he does to find the coolest and most unique sets of armour and weapons is amazing, and it really allows these models to become the leaders and star pieces/focal points of units/armies.

With that being said, this kickstarter is aimed at producing more humble soldiers and expanding the Sekigahara range. However, these models should still be exquisite and are well worth the investment for any Ancient wargamer or just a historical model enthusiast. After adepticon this coming year, I know I am going to buckle down on my Samurai and French Napoleonics for sure.

So please consider backing Steel Fist Miniatures. HIS ENTIRE SEK RANGE is available via the kickstarter, so if you are planning on buying any of his samurai anyway, back through the kickstarter to get them. Sure you may have to wait a little bit, but it is worth it to see these beautiful models come to fruition AND for the exclusive BONUS MINI limited to the starter.
Cool Bonus Mini based off of a Warrior Monk.
I unfortunately can only grab 1 pack at this time, but if that is all you can do to, you will not regret it, because they truly are wonderful products!

And if you think I am getting paid to promote this, NOPE. I am doing this because I 100% believe in Steel Fist and the models Mr. James is making. He is an artist and if you love Samurai, you should not miss out.