Friday, October 16, 2015

Making of a Mandolorian: WIP Log 1

So in addition to loving the Warhammer Universe, I also love Star Wars. However, I need more miniatures like I need a hole in my head. So instead of X-wing and Armada and games like that, I have started down a different path: Costuming.

I am saving up for an Anovos Officially Licensed AT-AT driver, but that doesn't come out for some time. I the mean time, I had an old Don-Post Boba Fett helmet and needed a Halloween costume and something for the upcoming premier of ep 7. Thus I began making a mandolorian  of my own.

While I wait for my armour to arrive in the mail, I began my helmet. The first thing to do was make a new rangefinder as the one that came originally with the helmet has been missing for years. I was looking at buying one and then was like "Wait, I am a veteran Hobbyist, I can do this EASY"... and I did.

 I super glued the 4 nickles together to make the pivot for my rangefinder.
Square Plasticard tubing, a round dowel, and I-Beam plasticard, cut and superglued together.
 Metal/concrete epoxy to attach the nickels to the range finder.
 It will be able to pivot still once the ear cover is made and on.
 So I made the rangefinder with 3 thickness of plasticard. Thickest on top, medium for the sides and the paperthin/flexible card for the curved bottom. I made it 6cm long by 4 wide. 2 Deep on the stem end and 1 on the other.The sides are glues together and then reinforced with green stuff on the inside.
 Lastly I had to start filling the various scrapes and dents to make it less Boba Fett and more mine. Green and Grey stuff was perfect for this. I also built up the lower left cheek since it was curved and higher than the other side. Next I will sand them all down and paint the helmet.

So there you go, my work so far on my helmet. I'll keep you all posted, expect it to be finished before Halloween.