Friday, October 9, 2015

Monthly Reader Submissions: Bringing Hobby Back

Hobby is meant to be shared, not squandered

Recently a reader stumbled onto a guest post of mine on Spikey bits. He was so moved by my Kitbash that he came to Sepulchre, liked my facebook, and sent me a message sharing his first kitbash, something he was quite proud of.

To me this is what the hobby part of, well, the HOBBY is all about. Sharing our work to inspire others and encouraging others no matter their skill level or talent, their years of experience or relative newness to the hobby. It is a BIG part of why I do Sepulchre of Heroes.
The submitted Sanguinary Priest by one Mr. Goodall.
Because of this I'd like to start a new thing on Sepulchre in an effort to bring the hobby to a wider audience. There are alot of amazing artists out there proud of their work, but blogging isn't for them. That is perfectly okay, but there is no reason you still can share your work!

SO once a month I'd like to to feature a post with YOUR work. Work like seen in this post. You can submit it via email:
PUT "Bringing Hobby Back" in the subject line.

Alternatively you can pull up Sepulchre of Heroes on Facebook and give us a like and message us there. Link is on the right side of the page! As well, why not give us a like on Twitter or Google+!
Notice the cool dual mag storm bolter mounted on the wrist! Armed with a Glaive Encarmine as well!
The only guidelines are
1- Don't send MASSIVE file or 30 pictures of the same thing. 1-4 pictures of the same model at most. I leave you to manage size (for now) but best judgement please. Basically, they have to fit as an attachment
2- PNG, JPG, Bitmap, GIF (non-moving) files ONLY
3- Please do not OVERWHELM me with your entire collection. A few things per person a month at most.
4- Completed models or sculpts/scratchbuilds. No WIP painting or building. But an enitre scratchbuild/conversion/sculpt right before paint is fine, especially if is is provided as a "Before" with a painted "After"
5- If you want to pass a link with your Tumblr, instagram, etc. etc., feel free.
6- Include what name/handle you want attached with it. If none are included, I will just leave your submission anonymas
7- SUBMIT ANYTHING HOBBY RELATED. Any and all models. Historical, Fantasy, Sci-fi! Airfix to Forgworld, lets see it.
8- Include a brief (and I mean BRIEF) description on what is special about it or what it is. Is it just a nicely painted Dystopian War Prussian Carrier or is it a one of a kind Orc Knight Titan with parts from the defiler, battlewagon, and aegis defense line?
I'll share the work I receive around the end of each month.

I really do hope this takes off and can become a regular thing!