Tuesday, October 27, 2015

GothiComp 2015 Winners (Starship Painting Competition)

So GothiComp 2015 is over. Sadly I did not win, but there was some stiff competition.

So here are you 2015 Winners. See all the entries (including mine) here.

CAPITAL SHIP- Tyranid Devourer Cruiser by Wintermans

FLEET- Tyranid Hive Fleet Jormungandr by Wintermans

SMALL SHIP- Dark Eldar "The Flayers" Corsair Class Escorts by Tink

CONVERSION- Imperial Navy- Eternal Sword Mars Class Battlecruiser by EagleWarrior

AND My own Sponsored ASC 2.0 Winner- Imperial Navy- The Golden Fool, Majestic Class Battleship by Radu Lykan

Congratulations to all the winners!