Monday, October 26, 2015

Making of a Mandolorian: WIP log 3

So with Halloween just a few short days away I am really focusing on finishing this costume up.

So I have painted and weathered my armour. I even used secret weapon minis weathering powders and some Seraphim Sepia to get the weathering effects I wanted. What is left is

1- Matte varnish
2- Install T-Visor
3- Finish Blaster
4- Build and paint my guantlets
5- Make a vest
6- Sew on Velcro to vest and flight suit
7- Mount Armour
8- Kill Jedi
9- Profit

I am sorry for some of the low quality photos. Working at night and only had the cell phone.

So here you can see the armour laid out for priming.
My bucket pre weathering
I have selected a DH-17 Blaster to modify so it can carry over to the AT-AT driver I plan to procure.
Weathering begun
And complete
 This is the MandalMotors logo, hand painted on.