Sunday, February 22, 2015

WIP Weekend: Imperial Knight, BA Tactical Sarge, BA Scouts and Marines, BA Jetbikes, Napoleonic French Line Infantry

I thought I would start a new series. Just a quick post every weekend and Wednesday with WIP. So this is the first WIP weekend.

This week I am working on all the below:

This Paladin will either be a House Griffith or a Freeblade knight. Not sure yet.
And some Blood Angels. Working towards finishing the Tactical Sarge first, then likely move onto Scouts or DC. 
Armed with a Grav Pistol and Power Axe
And here is a finished Scout, just not yet based.
Next up are two more Jetbikes to accompany my completed Jetbike Captain. The one on the left is a Standard Bearer and will have 8th Company's standard. The one on the right is a Blood Champion. I still need 3 more to complete the Honour Guard (a Sanguinary Priest, a Tech Adept and a Special Weapons Veteran)
Last of all, more Napoleonics. Just alot of line Infantry to get through. These are mostly Warlord games minis with a few Front Rank minis mixed in.

So expect to see periodic updates every Wednesday and Weekend. Probably not as large as this one, but enough to see progression of projects over time.