Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Craziest 40k/30k/WHFB crossover theory.

So there is a lot of talk about a cross over between 40k and fantasy lately with upcoming potential release of 9th edition. Talk about Draigo appearing and Skaven calling Craftworld Eldar and Lizardmen running to the warp/webway.
I have a even crazier potentiality.
Warning: If you have not read the Horus Heresy novel Vengeful Spirit stop here. 
So when Horus goes through the gate on Molech to ascend to what is essentially Godhood like the Emperor did, he is transported to another world, presumably in the warp. In this world he supposedly spends thousands of years conquering until he reaches a final triumph in the name of chaos...

Sound like anyone???
So Archaon Everchosen is the chosen son of Chaos in the Fantasy World. Horus can be said to be so in the Grim Dark future. But what if Archaon and Horus are one in the same? Could Archaon's conquests actually be those of Horus after he goes through the gate? And the final victory that saw Horus return to the 31st millennium is the looming End Times cataclysm that is going to see the destruction of the Old World into floating warp bubbles at the hands of Archaon?

Some of you may say "But what about the 'appearance' of Draigo? in Fantasy, he is from 10,000 years later?" Well two things: That may be the Emperor and not Draigo AND warp time does not flow linearly, so it may be 41st Millennium Draigo warning Old World good guys about 31st Millennium Horus.

It is a wild, and 99% chance WRONG, theory, but it is a fun concept IMO and one I had to share.