Saturday, December 6, 2014

Blood Angels Captain Zedrenael (8th Co): Scimitar Jetbike Captain

IT IS BLOOD ANGELS WEEK!!!! I preordered my Codex and Data cards yesterday. I am waiting for all the models to be out to order what I want model wise. I will likely mix and match (and all base 25mm, but that is a separate post, but note the 32mm bases are called "scenic" bases on the GW website, so they are completely optional IMO)

To celebrate here is my completed 8th Company Captain, Zedrenael, Lord of Skyfall. Since my 2nd Co Capt will have a Jump Pack AND I wanted Jetbikes in my army, it seemed most appropriate that the Assault Reserve Co would have any remaining BA Jetbikes, and if they did, that the Capt and Honour Guard would ride them into battle. I have a Blood Champion and Banner Bearer to paint next, and need to get a few more Jetbikes to complete his Honour Guard, but this is a great start.

Now enjoy the eye candy.

Just going to breakdown the parts used really quick. FW Jetbike (obviously) and Jetbike rider legs. The Torso is Sanguinary Guard, the head is Death Company (or SG, I forget) to give him a Iron Halo. The right arm is Death Company, the left is a conversion using a FW power fist and a generic SM arm that fit the pose. This was the only way to get the power fist twisted into position. The shoulder pads are Sanguinary Guard, and the wings are as well.