Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Samurai Lords Kickstarter from Steel Fist Miniatures is Live (Some of the best 28mm models you will ever see)

Before I talk, I'll just link up here to the kickstarter to save time

So I have a small amount of Samurai I have been working on for use in War and Conquest and/or Pike and Shotte. I have gotten many yet, just 2 box sets from Wargames Factory. Now those box sets are amazing for plastics. Really REALLY nice in terms of variety of parts and poses you can build models in, although this makes them a little fiddly/slow to assemble.

BUT if you want to discuss the highest detail/quality of sculpts you have to talk about Steel Fist Miniatures.
From their 16th Century Samurai Lords Range
Lately they have been developing their Sekigahara Range, which is based of the year 1600 battle of battles for Samurai. These are not only supposed to represent the pinnacle of Samurai warfare, but be superior miniatures to his original amazing range, something which I think they achieved.

As you can see that is awesome.

But now there is a kickstarter to make the range faster, bigger and more comprehensive. As of writing this is is almost have way to its modest 3000 GBP goal, so easily achievable.

And everyone who pledges at least 1 goal level gets this free model in addition to their pledge reward

I won't go into all the reward and unlock levels, since you can easily go there and do so. I recommend it, if for nothing else other than to look at truly impressive models.