Thursday, February 12, 2015

Black Powder: First French Line Infantry Complete

So I recently started getting into Napoleonics. I LOVE HISTORY. I think in some way nearly all wargamers do. I had started looking into historical wargaming in 2013, but not until last summer did I finally get some units. I had sat on them, painting a single mini, until I got the Black Powder Rule Book and both Albion Triumphant: The Peninsular War and Hundred Days Campaign.
Now the rules seem GREAT and I can't wait until I can play. I may do a review of the books and what I think of the rules some other time. However, today is focusing on Painting.

These are an example of Warlord Games French Line Infantry. These ones utilize an early war design, which is good for me because
1- This is more full dress. Late war models all tend to be wearing great coats and campaign dress. Just not as flashy to me
2- I am hoping to build up to represent the armies that fought at Wagram in 1809 (Napoleon defeated the Austrians and effectively won the war of the 5th Coalition), plus some additional units (Marines of the Guard, Mamelukes etc. etc.)

The bases are from LITKO Game Accessories. This is a great way to get counters or bases of any shape or size. Check them out! Based with The Army Painter Field Grass, Grass Greens, Meadow Flowers and Battlefield Rocks.