Friday, February 13, 2015

Unboxing: Big Box Terrain by Angry Mojo Games

So a few months back I backed my first Kickstarter. It was the Big Box Terrain by Angry Mojo Games. Well it arrived today, so I thought I would share it with you!

A correction to the video: I mention triangular bases. Those are actually the floors for the taller buildings second and third level. There are no bases for the buildings, as they support themselves (I may add a base to define the area as difficult terrain. I also don't mention the two cool little church pews that come with the ruined chapel.
That is alot of stuff. 2 Three Story Ruins, 6 Two Story Ruins, 16 One Story Ruins, a Ruined Chapel, 3 Blast Templates, a Rubble field and 3 feet of walls.

Test fitting everything together, I can also say that there is no forcing of any parts, all of it slides into place with ease and supports itself easily.

According to the kickstarter I was supposed to only get 8 of the 1 story building corners, but as you can see I got 16. I don't know if this was a mistake, a kickstarter special, or a result of the delay that befell Angry Mojo when a laser went bad. I also got some spare floors for the 2 and 3 story buildings, which I may just have to find some use for.

Angry Mojo seems to still be up and coming, and is just finishing up fulfillment of their kickstarter. I expect that their terrain will be available soon from their website. The idea of $50 US for an entire tables worth of terrain (which you can see I definately got AND THEN SOME) is AMAZING. Sure it is not the most visually striking, but for events or (as I mention in the video) pick up/travel games, it is perfect.