Monday, January 26, 2015

My workstation

Just reorganized the madness a little, figured I'd show off what I have going for me in terms of where I work on the hobby.

Typically models are on display on the shelf above the desk, but they were all packed up for gaming right now.

That is not a picture of me in the middle. But you can either think of me as the guy to the left of him or the one in all black to the right.
On the desk is a tactical squad WIP, Scout Squad WIP, Scout Snipers WIP, Death Company WIP, Imperial Knight WIP, 2 SM Jetbikes WIP, Carnifex WIP, Warlord Games French Napoleonic Infantry WIP and Wargames Factory Samurai build WIP

The lighting is really just cheap clamp on work lights from lowes with some good bulbs. I have a cutting mat and then a linoleum tile for painting on. If you want to know about any of the storage, just ask in the comments.