Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Dreadtober: Part 1 and 2!

So I am doing Dreadtober! Hosted by the Broken Paintbrush!
I am however a little behind! So here is a combipost for Part 1 and Part 2


So on top of EVERYTHING ELSE I HAVE TO DO I am going to try and work in at LEAST ONE Dreadnought this month. May not be on the Dreadtober timeline, but that is life. The point is to get a painted Dread done by the 1st week in NOV, because 40k always ALWAYS needs more Dreadnoughts.

Right now I am sitting on 5 Dreadnoughts. One built and primed, one primed and 3 unprimed. I ALSO have 2 more Contemptor arms I have to paint and magnetize.

The plan right now is to paint at least one Dread and do at least one Contemptor Arm this month. Ideally 2 of each. Priority though is my Red Hunters Dread for Adepticon, though I am waiting on a Forgeworld order to get in to do that (should be here by next week). Next is to convert and paint a Frag Cannon Contemptor Arm for this guy, also for Adepticon. After that, I have an Assault on Black Reach Dread for my Battle Company (even though Angel's Blade is garbage) and a Contemptor Multi-Melta to paint.


Well, hold on there. I still am waiting on Forgeworld right? Well I do have this guy built
And here is the lovely plastic crack awaiting assembly. But more importantly over all is finishing the Terminators on my desk, my armies on parade board, and starting a super secret project ALSO for Adepticon (that won't be a secret as soon as I start it).