Monday, October 10, 2016

Well, I guess I will be rebasing my marines after all

So I finally decided to pull the trigger on 32 mm bases for my Blood Angels. Keeping them 25 is becoming less and less of an option, and I fleet I can really make much more cool and dynamic bases by going 32 mm.

So the route I am going is not plastic or resin though.

I went ahead over to green stuff world and made an order... be careful on that page. An avid hobbyist can go crazy.

I ordered 160 32mm mdf bases and some medium sculpy. Why this route? Well it is ultimately cheaper when doing ALL my marines. So that is attractive. But more so, sculpy doesn't set until you bake it, so I can sit down and detail all my bases at once and then bake them (which you can do with MDF at low enough temperatures as well), not worrying about my green stuff drying out on me as I do it. It is also firm enough I should be able to cut away the excess before it cures as well.

To detail my bases I went with this
I am going to still do a winter theme, and use snow flock and crushed glass+water effects on them to add the snow. But they should give a great effect
Keep your eyes peeled for future updates on this endeavour!