Monday, October 24, 2016

Dreadtober: Finished Product (Red Hunters Mortis Pattern Dreadnought)

Well, I finished my Dreadnought for Dreadtober. I was suppossed to do multiple updates and WIP shots but I didn't for two reasons

1- I have just been super busy
2- This guy actually painted super fast

I used the same technique as on the other Red Hunters I have done, which is basically paint silver, was with Bloodletter Glaze and Seraphim Sepia. Add Nuln Oil as needed. Overall I wanted to keep him simple, yet striking, and I think I managed to do that.

I thought about doing a sweet banner, but I only have so much time and so many bits. Plus, it would make transport harder. He is made from a SM Venerable Dread (I got in the Death Masque box) and FW Autocannons.

This guy will be going to Adepticon 2017, so keep an eye out for him there.