Friday, June 21, 2013

40k Humour: Games Workshop Wraithguard Packaging Fail

Any of you who have picked up a unit of the new lovely Wraithguard models, grab your box. Now look at the Wraithguard model on the far right. What do you see? Are you looking at it's arms? Specifically where they attach to the hands? Notice anything? How about the fact they aren't connected.

For those of you without the box, check below. The image of the box is right off the GW website.

Click me to see me larger
How this slipped by I don't know. You would think someone would see an improperly assembled model at some point in time before full production. None of the other photos of Wraithguard on the GW site feature this issue.

Look through the codex and see if you can spot this model is any of the unit/battle pictures in there...