Monday, June 3, 2013

Apocalypse Second Edition: Khorne Lord of Battle and Necron Super Monoliths (PIC/SNEAK PEEK)

Hot on the heels of Eldar, a friend (Mesdoram) found this little jewel floating around the Internet. Apparently the next edition of Apocalypse is coming soon! And apparently that means LARGE KITS! Rooted in fluff at that- this appears to be a Khorne Lord of Battle:

Don't believe me. Here is the original from Epic 40k
I think I like the bull head more TBH
I wish though they'd remake these models for Specialist Games as well, but a new edition of Apocalypse is equally awesome! I just hope that other kits are a little more appealing. And maybe a plastic warhound? If they are building things as big as this and the Wraithknight, why not produce a plastic Warhound Titan? And I hope they keep with remaking battle engines already in the fluff, instead of making up new random stuff. That often is disastrous from a design perspective. Stormraven anyone?

Monoliths mentioned in Comments
I wonder if they are the same and the one on the right opens to be the one on the left