Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Road to Adepticon 2014

So I know it is some time away, but Discordian, Schlemazal, Mesdoram (contributors here) and myself are planning on attending Adepticon in 2014, with the specific goal of competiting in the Team Tournament.
The first of our minis. A Void Dragon Eldar Corsair Guardian painted by Schlemazal.
Right now, most of our discussion has been on theming and force composition. Team as of now:
Gothmog- Space Marines (Deathwatch)
Discordian- Tau
Schlemazal- Eldar (Void Dragon Corsairs)
Mesdoram- Eldar (Void Dragon Corsairs)

The theme idea is that the Tau and Deathwatch are attempting to steal/excavate some sort of Eldar Artifact or Webway portal and the Eldar are there to stop us.

While this is tentative as of now, it is more than likely this is the route we go.  The only codex we are waiting for now is the new Space Marine codex, which as you know, I look forward to with high hopes.

The cool thing about the Team Tournament is the allowance of Forge World characters, so I am potentially looking at Ahzra Redth from the Badab War book. This would make a force of all Infiltrating Space Marines, which I think is pretty representative of Death Watch, but we shall see what the new codex brings.

Adepticon. Bring it on!