Saturday, June 15, 2013

Recent Blood Angel Assault Marines and Death Company

Just a quick post with some photos of recent work. Photos aren't the best, and some highlighting and shading is just washed out in them. Don't have an ideal setup at my current location. As well, none of them are based yet, all that stuff is still in shipment/storage coming from Japan.

I'll try to say what parts I used under the photos.

First up Death Company.
Original Metal Death Company, with a forge world CSM axe and plastic DC jump pack and shoulder pads

In a way the Death Company Marine is a test model for Adepticon, where I plan to play Death Watch. Both are all black afterall.

And Assault Marines

Shared before. Redone Powersword. Old metal DC powersword, SM Commander Torso and Head, Plastic DC Infernus Pistol 
CHS head, Baal Predator torso, DC chainsword and Bolt Pistol

CHS Jump Pack, FW CSM chainaxe, SM Predator Head?