Monday, April 2, 2012

Warmachine Butcher Lists- 25/50/75/100

So I recently finally recieved my Warmachine Prime Mk II rule book and forces of Khador book. I am relatively inexperienced in Warmachine and reading through and trying to learn the rules. They are relatively stream lined which is nice. What I have very little experience with in Warmachine is list building and what is competitive on the table top. I know that this game is designed with competitve play more in mind than 40k (just read page 5). So I sat down and cobbled together a set of lists based on the Butcher of Khardov tier, which is what I know I want to use. I really like the idea of a hard hitting assault force, MoW are super awesome to me, and heavy warjacks are sweet. Plus I already own the Butcher, 3 Demo Corps, a Kodiak and Juggernaut.

Here is what I have

25 pts
Orsus Zoktavia, the Butcher of Khardov (+6)
Juggernaut- 7
Kodiak- 8
MoW Demolition Corps (3)- 6
MoW Shock Troopers (5)-9 (-1 for Tier 1 of Butcher)
Wardog (1)

50 pts (add to the 25)
Widowmakers- 4
MoW Drakhun- 4 (w/out Dismount) (I love this model! Favourite one in the entire game range)
MoW Kovnik- 3
Destroyer- 9 (goes with the Kovnik)
Berserker- 6

75 pts (add to the 50)
Decimator- 9
Berserker- 6
Marauder- 7
Add Dismount to Drakhun- +1
Widowmaker Marksman- 2

100 pts (add to the 75)
Devastator- 9
MoW Bombardier (5)- 11
Add 2 to Demo Corps- +3
MoW Kovnik- 3
Remove Dismount from Drakhun- -1

So how is this? Too many Warjacks? I think that is the most likely thing, though I picked up 2 kovniks to hopefully help that. And they are just SO COOL! Any better suggestions? Design elements to consider? Better 'jack choices? I am really open to input here.