Monday, April 2, 2012

Biggest Bang- IG Skimmers/Stormtrooper Company, 2000/2500

So I sat down and messed with the Imperial Guard Codex and capitalized on the Creed's Elite concept, maxing Valkyries and Storm Troopers, going for the first Biggest Bang for your Buck I have done in a while.

2000 pts
HQ- Company Command Squad- 260: Creed, Carapace Armour, 4 x Meltagun, Astropath, Officer of the Fleet
Elites- Stormtroopers- 195: 2 x Plasmagun
Elites- Stormtroopers- 185: 2 x Meltagun
Elites- Stormtroopers- 185: 2 x Meltagun
Troops- Veteran Squad- 145: Grenadiers, 3 x Plasmagun
Troops- Veteran Squad- 115: Grenadiers, 3 x Sniper Rifle
Troops- Veteran Squad- 125: Grenadiers, 3 x Flamer, 6 x Shotguns, Laspistol & Power Weapon
Fast Attack- Valkyrie Squadron (3)- 330: 1 x Rocket Pods
Fast Attack- Valkyrie Squadron (3)- 330: 1 x Rocket Pods
Fast Attack- Vendetta Squadron (1)- 130

2500 pts
Troops- Veteran Squad- 130: Grenadiers, 3 x Meltagun
Troops- Veteran Squad- 110: Grenadiers, 2 x Grenade Launcher
ADD TO VENDETTA SQUADRON- 2 x Vendetta- +260

Pts: 2000 Scoring Units: 3 KPs: 15 Model Count: 67 Infantry, 7 Skimmers
Pts: 2500 Scoring Units: 5 KPs: 19 Model Count: 87 Infantry, 9 Skimmers

So you have an Astropath and Officer of the Fleet to help you win at the reserves game, which is the name of the game with 7 to 9 Skimmers on the table. Plus Creed has his spiffy rules to aide this aspect of the game further. A good mix of special weapons should help you take on a variety of foes, and the number of Lascannon and melta's is adequate for Armour. The stormtroopers can gun through powered armour foes when they swamp them en masse, especially if they get softened up by the Valkyries. And even with the Elite nature of the Army, it still has a relatively high model count. 67-87 4+ armour saves aren't the easiest to power through. The key is to keep this army out of assault though. Hop around and shoot, mass your fire and eliminate entire enemy squads at once so you don't get assaulted and bogged down in the following turns.

How I'd run the list is in 2 distinct halves. First would be a standoff containment force. This consists of the plasma Stormtroopers, Sniper Vets and Plasma vets in the first Valkyrie Squadron. Deploy them in a line, ideally on an objective, and hold the enemy in with massed las fire and special weapons at a minimum of 12" range. Next is your assault force. This is the 2 Melta storm trooper squad and the flamer/shotgun vets. They sweep in from the side or middile in the second valkyrie squad and push horizontally through the enemy line, overwhelming them in short ranged fire fights, assaulting only when you know that you won't get bogged down or you will be assaulted anyways (might as well get the charge bonus). Try to only assault with the vets, as your storm troopers should always be shooting, that is where they excell the most. The last element in Creed in the Vendetta. While not a distinct part of either force, he lends more to the assault BUT in a very specific capacity. His squad should be hunting armour. They have the weapons for it and the vehicle for it and do not have the numbers to prosecute actions against infantry formations.

In the 2500 point list, the Melta vets should go with the assault force and the grenade vets with the standoff containment force.