Wednesday, April 4, 2012

IG Stormtrooper Company- Elysian Style: 2000/2500/3000

So Discordian said I should take the list I posted yesterday of the IG Skimmers/Stormtroopers and do it up IA 8: Raid on Kastorel Novem Style ie Elysians. So still a biggest bang of sorts, though it doesn't max on the potential number of skimmers, as the Valkyries are dedicated transports, but I feel the additions are good and the corps of the army is easy to switch between both lists.

2000 pts
HQ- Company Command Squad- 125: Carapace Armour, Meltagun, Power Weapon, Officer of the Fleet
Elites- Stormtroopers- 195: 2 x Plasmagun
Elites- Stormtroopers- 185: 2 x Meltagun
Elites- Stormtroopers- 185: 2 x Meltagun
Troops- Veteran Squad- 155: Grenadiers, 3 x Plasmagun
Troops- Veteran Squad- 125: Grenadiers, 3 x Sniper Rifle
Troops- Veteran Squad- 135: Grenadiers, 3 x Flamer, 6 x Shotguns, Laspistol & Power Weapon
Fast Attack- Valkyrie Squadron (3)- 330: 1 x Rocket Pods
Fast Attack- Valkyrie Squadron (3)- 330: 1 x Rocket Pods
Fast Attack- Vendetta Squadron (1)- 130
Heavy Support- Vulture- 105

2500 pts
Troops- Veteran Squad- 130: Grenadiers, 2 x Meltagun
Troops- Veteran Squad- 110: Grenadiers
ADD TO VENDETTA SQUADRON- 2 x Vendetta- +260

3000 pts
ADD to vets in 2500 pts- +1 Meltagun- +10
ADD to vets in 2500 pts- +3 Grenade Launchers- +15
ADD to all vets except shotguns- +5 Auxiliary Grenade Launchers, +15 pts x 4
ADD to each vet squad- Lascutter- +10 x 5
ADD to Vulture- Twin Punisher Cannons- +50
Heavy Support- Vulture- 155: Twin Punisher Cannons
Heavy Support- Vulture- 160: Twin Linked Missile Launcher, Twin Multiple Rocket Pods

Pts: 2000 Scoring Units: 3 KPs: 16 Model Count: 66 Infantry, 8 Skimmers
Pts: 2500 Scoring Units: 5 KPs: 20 Model Count: 86 Infantry, 10 Skimmers
Pts: 3000 Scoring Units: 5 KPs: 22 Model Count: 86 Infantry, 12 Skimmers

Tactics stay the same as the last article pretty much EXCEPT the command squad is not really geared for tank hunting anymore, so just put them with the assault force. All the lascutters in 3k kinda make up for this. Use the Vultures to pave the way for the assault force, or as the assault force drives in one direction, send them in the other paving the way with high volume firepower, dividing your opponent in two.