Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Blogroll Maintenance (Need Input) and Site Improvement Poll

So I performed some blogroll maintenance/surgery today. Added some big guys out there and cut out some long dead blogs. BUT I still have more work to do.

Unfortunately due to the position I am in I don't really get to check as many blogs as I like (slow internet on a ship) and so I really only go to BOLS and FTW, plus any interesting links from there. This is where you come in.

If you have a blog, or know a blog I should have on the list of holy orders (the Blogroll), email me ( or post it here. I just ask that you link me in return, though this is the honour system.

Furthermore, I am going to try and add one of those fancy scroll lists in about a week. If anyone knows where the html for that is or what the widget is, please let me know. It will just save time on my part, which will be better spent building, painting, gaming and posting in the short time I get home.

As well, please answer the poll to the side. I want to write what you want to see. I am really going to strive to do more book reviews, starting with a back log of recent books and then I am going to attempt to do one for each book I read from now on (oh my goodness, I hope I can stick to that). BUT beyond that, this site is as much for all hobbyists as it is an outlet for me to discuss what I love so much, and I am happy discussing it ALL so I just want to know what the reader craves.