Friday, April 20, 2012

Genswick Imperial Guard Meltagunner Conversions

So I finally got to do some more work on my Genswick (between work, and I'll admit it, Mass Effect 3). Just some quick work and small conversion points to build these guys before moving on to my mortars and lascannons, then finishing Ogryns. After that I will have to get my ratling and Rough Riders, plus magnets for my banewolfs. Oh, and as of last night I have 3 heavy mortars and 2 hades drills from Forgeworld on the way. Well, I guess I got a little sidetracked there, so on to the pictures I guess.

Oooh. Ahhh. So I built 6 of these guys to work into my army. I am going to have to build more, but I will need a few parts, and I am thinking that a different power pack set up will be good for the meltas I give to veterans at higher point cost lists (something smaller more than likely).

So speaking of their power packs, what I used was simply a Space Marine landspeeder searchlight that can be mounted alongside the assault cannon. These were left over from when I built my autocannon teams. Just used some guitar string (my normal approach for tubing) to connect them to the weapon and TADA back pack reactors. When I paint these I am going to make the tops glowing and attempt directional lighting (something I want to try on this army with the multiple torches and lamps I have sprinkled through out it. It is a hobby challenge I have not yet attempted). As for the weapon, it is just the metla gun bit (albiet a Space Marine one) available from GW online. It costs like $5.99 or something for 5 of them, so even though they are metal, it saves alot vs paying like 2.99-4.99 per melta that you find on bit selling sites.

And for a few close ups. The first one will be really fun to paint with the two sources of directional lighting, back and front. And the second guy is great with his pick. Genswick are sappers and trench fighters, so what better way to show it.