Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Storm Harbinger/Tantalus Lander: Do BA need it? Should they have it? Will they get it?

Well BoLS posted some more BA rumours today, the most ominus of which is that the Storm Harbinger/Tantalus Lander does not exist.

Here is all the concept art I have seen thus for for the Lander

Lander is the flying thing in that final picture. Propossed cover for the Hunt of Valdorius and is a White Scars lander.
So, basically, I am disheartend by this news. To me it made the Blood Angels something more than "Just another Space Marine army." It really differentiated them and allowed for more jump infantry. But without it, in the Mech Environment of 5th ed., really BA will just be back in rhinos like all other SM sitting on objectives and assaulting a slight bit more than other armies. Really, it just is turning into Red Space Wolves in my mind. This is what really made the army different.

HOWEVER, as it is written now, it is mostly broken. Deepstrike assault can be rather brutal. Heavy 8 S6 AP4 rending shots on a fast skimmer with AV 13 is crazy, oh and twin linked meltas for 10 points more to boot. Yeah, I won't say that isn't broken.
I will say though while most people felt them undercosted, especially compared to the Valkyrie, you also have to consider the cost of the units transported with in. 150 pts ontop of a 7 man assault squad gets expensive fast and you can't reliably fit more than about 3 into a 2k list.

If they aren't coming out, then I know many people will be rather dissapointed and kinda put a black mark on the BA from the beginning. I just hope there is something else that really makes them more than Red Space Wolves. I really do.

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Blood Angels Storm Harbinger/Tantalus Lander:
BA need it. Defines the Army. 6 (18%)
BA should have it. So cool! 7 (21%)
Eh. I guess it would be okay. 7 (21%)
BA shouldn't get it. My Dark Ultrawolf Templars don't get it so niether should they. 1 (3%)
It shouldn't exist. It is more broken than a boxer's nose. 12 (36%)