Tuesday, March 30, 2010

6 weird/bad things noticed in the Blood Angels codex

1- Death Company Tycho- no where does it say that he Joins the DC. Nor does he have Independent Character. Basically, until an FAQ, don't take DC Tycho as he has to run solo.

2- Tycho's Rites of Battle- Tycho's RoB say you must use Tycho's LD, not may. Normally, this wouldn't be an issue. BUT if you LD bomb Tycho with assassins and other LD attacking units, then some one can effectively lower your entire army's LD.

3- Sanguinary Priests- As 1 Wound IC you have to be very careful using them, and each is a KP as well. These guys are going to be targeted A LOT. Minimize their deaths by keeping them at the back of a squad when assaulting and hopefully they are out of 6".

4- Stormraven- No model. Pretty much everyone agrees on this.

5- Dante's Inferno Pistol- Was an infernus pistol in 3rd ed, then in 4th became a pistol melta gun and now back to an infernus pistol. Not really a problem, just an observation.

6- Veteran Marine/Honour Guard Paint Schemes- Veterans had Yellow/Red helmets up until now depending on if they were assault or tactical, just like normal marines. Gold Helmets on them are okay and I don't have a problem with that. What I will not be doing is Gold Armoured honour guards. They will be just like veterans with gold helmets and red armour. Only Sanguinary guard will have Gold Armour for me.

7- 7th point removed. Thanks guys for pointing out the error in my thoughts. -Gothmog