Thursday, March 25, 2010

Blood Angels 2000 pt List

NOTE This is a 2 year old list pretty much and was the very first list I produced with the codex and I don't run it AT ALL
For my current list, check it out here-
Here is my first list with the new codex and what I will be running for now.

HQ Commander Dante- 225
HQ Astorath the Grim- 220

Elites Sanguinary Priest (1)- 90: Power Weapon, Jump Pack

Troops Sanguinary Guard (5)- 250: Chapter Banner; Infernus Pistol; Powerfist
Troops Death Company (7)- 315: Powerfist; 3 x Power Weapon; Jump packs
Troops Assault Squad (10)- 210: 2 x Flamers; Lightning Claw
Troops Assault Squad (10)- 235: 2 x Meltagun; Powerfist
Troops Assault Squad (10)- 225: 2 x Meltagun; Powerweapon

Fast Attack Baal Predator- 115: Flamestorm Cannon or Assault Cannon
Fast Attack Baal Predator- 115: Flamestorm Cannon or Assault Cannon

Pts: 2000 Scoring Units: 4-7 KP: 10-13

Put Dante and the Sanguinary Priest with the Sanguinary Guard. Astorath goes with the Death Company.
I can either play an entirely reserve game with deep striking and outflanking or deploy piecewise.
The great thing is that I have a 50% chance of Red Thirst making guys fearless/furious and if I play the reserve game, I can decide where to put my furious guys, rather than deploying and then finding out who it afflicted.

Two of the assault squads are armour/transport hunters with their melta wepaonry. Shoot then assault.
Dante and Sanguinary guard are my heaviest assault troops and are also decent armour killers the turn they deep strike since they don't scatter so I can set them within 3" of a vehicle. Guaranteed furious charge as well and feel no pain on top of their 2+ save and +1 A is amazing. Plus, Dante takes my enemy's best character and makes him worse.
One Assault squad is horde killing with 3 handflamers.
The Death Company are opportunistic killers and probably will deep strike most of the time to help control their rage by putting them closer to things I want them to kill. The powerfist is there to make sure someone doesn't just put an empty rhino in front of them and make them chase it around the battlefield.
Baal Predators are suicide units for wiping out a squad or two or transports when taking assault cannons. Two of them will give me good odds of flanking at least one where I want a majority of the time. Scout and fast means I could just straight off deploy them as well.